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Celebrating School Nurses 2022

Wednesday, May 11 is National School Nurse Day, and Minnetonka Schools is celebrating these amazing staff members who make a difference in our community. School nurses play an important role in making our schools safe and healthy places for students. The District's school nurses help and support students in many ways and during many different times of need, an exceedingly important job. 

School nurses care for students directly, provide a healthcare perspective in planning, help put together health plans, complete health screenings and train staff members to assist with health-related needs. They also provide education about health and safety in their school community to encourage healthy habits. They are experts in connecting students and families with the right resources to meet their needs.

“School nurses consistently work to bridge health care and education in their school communities,” shared Annie Lumbar Bendson, Director of Health Services for Minnetonka Schools. “This work is vital in keeping students present in school and able to participate in their educational experience. School nurses utilize a comprehensive, student-centered approach and have the ability to positively affect student physical and mental health, access to care, and access to educational programming.  As a result, the work of school nurses can positively impact the attendance, achievement, and graduation potential of the students they serve, allowing the students and their communities to develop to their full potential.”

School nurses have also played a significant role in supporting the District’s Safe Learning Plan response to the COVID-19 pandemic. “Through diligence, commitment, careful contact tracing and promotion and monitoring of COVID mitigation strategies, COVID spread in the schools and community has been reduced, allowing students to be present in school as much as possible during the pandemic,” said Lumbar Bendson. “They have done it with compassion and dedication, have persevered, and gone above and beyond during this challenging time.”

Today, be sure to thank your school nurse for all that they do! Minnetonka is extremely grateful to have such wonderful school nurses in our district.

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Celebrating School Nurses 2022

Wednesday, May 11 is National School Nurse Day, and Minnetonka Schools is celebrating these amazing staff members who make a difference in our community. 

VANTAGE/MOMENTUM Building Groundreaking.

The Minnetonka School District broke ground on the first school building in 55 years on Thursday, May 5, 2022. The 36,300-square-foot VANTAGE/MOMENTUM Building will house the school district’s signature and recently expanded VANTAGE and MOMENTUM programs, focused on professional studies and on design and skilled trades, respectively. It is expected to open fall of 2023.

Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week 2022

Minnetonka Schools is celebrating National Teacher Appreciation Week from May 2-6 and taking the opportunity to recognize the outstanding educators who make the District shine.

David Law Named Next Minnetonka Schools Superintendent

Minnetonka Public Schools leadership is pleased to announce it extended an offer to Mr. David Law to become the next superintendent of the Minnetonka Public School District. Law has accepted, and pending contract negotiations, he will begin his new role with Minnetonka Schools on July 1, 2022.

Celebrating MCE Explorers Staff 2022

At Minnetonka Schools, the Explorers program supports students and their families every day with care before and after school. Our outstanding Explorers staff create an engaging and supportive environment where students are able to develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.